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Inside Beano No. 4086 – We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat!

Not one, not two, not three, not four but FIVE blam reasons to pick up the latest issue of Beano!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

1. Don't rock the boat!

Minnie and Dad are on a fishing trip for some Dad and daughter time. But rather than a relaxing afternoon spent fishing for Dad, Minnie is going to get them cast away and out onto some open water! 

If you were in a boat and saw a shark, what would you do?


  • Um, paddle quickly 0.2 %
  • Take a selfie 0.2 %
  • Offer it a snack 0.1 %
  • I doubt a shark would appear in a quiet fishing lake, so anything really 0.5 %

2. Tech it or leave it!

This week, everyone has been replaced by robots – Dan’s out of a job! What’s he going to do now? And the problem with replacing everything with technology is... sometimes technology goes wrong! 

What would you call your own robot?


  • Keith 0.1 %
  • Robert 0.2 %
  • Roberta 0.2 %
  • Glitchy 0.5 %

3. Breaking the lawn!

Dennis has been playing golf – in Dad’s garden! His lovely lawn is ruined! Dennis better get out of his way ‘fore Dad notices! Or Dennis might not be getting a hole in one! 

What's the best thing about golf?


  • The spiky shoes 0.1 %
  • Just getting to whack a ball really hard, to be honest 0.6 %
  • Fresh air 0.2 %
  • An overwhelming sense of competition 0.1 %

4. Brainbox!

General Blight has created a new machine that brings your thoughts to life! What horrible thoughts do you think he’s going to create? And what on earth is Bananaman, the only superhero obsessed with bananas, going to think about? 

What would you use a Brain-o-tron for?


  • Do my homework 0.5 %
  • Walk the dog when it's my turn 0.1 %
  • Ask it questions about the universe 0.2 %
  • Make it do fart noises when my relatives visit 0.2 %

5. Bash Street Kids

The Bash Street Kids have a substitute teacher today! What’re they going to be like? And have they heard of Class 2B? If they have – which teacher would ever dare to take on the Bash Street Kids?!

If you were given an hour to take a class, what subject would you teach?


  • Minecraft Hacks 0.5 %
  • The History of Football 0.1 %
  • Fruit or Crisps: What's the Best Snack? 0.2 %
  • I'd quite like to do some maths in the form of a game show 0.1 %

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