Is This Your Dad at Football?!

If you play football, you might recognise some of these dads from round the pitch...


It's absolutely brilliant when our parents or guardians come and watch us play football – those words of support can help spur us on to sweet victory on the school football field

Whether you're playing or simply cheering your friends along, keep an eye out for the four dads who, without fail, will be there...


This dad needs several cups of coffee in the morning to even have the energy to get dressed. He finds it hard to stand still and will gently sway from side to side as the game progresses

You'll see him on the touchline cheering his child on – but he might fall asleep at any given moment!

Wake up, Tired Dad! 

This dad looks like he could do with a nap


This dad uses every ounce of energy when shouting words of encouragement to his child during a football match

He might think he's being enthusiastic, but to everyone else, he's trying a bit too hard – we get it, you're happy to be there!

This dad is a bit too enthusiastic


Here's a dad who seems to have his phone glued to his hand – he can't stop working, even when he's watching a game of football

Even if his child scored a hat-trick and was picked to play for his national side, we don't think Busy Dad would even notice because he's too busy talking about work – BORING!

This dad never puts his phone down


This dad gets really, really wound up when watching any game of football – whether it's on the telly, at his favourite team's ground or even on the school field

He thinks he's the world's greatest football manager and probably gets so agitated because he's not allowed to play himself!

If he gets any angrier, we think he might start crying – calm down, Angry Dad! It's just a game!

So who do you think is the most embarrassing football dad? 

This dad let's his footie emotions get the better of him

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