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Is Your Teacher a Superhero?

If you suspect your teacher might have some secret superpowers, you need to watch this video!

So, you’ve gone back to school and everything’s the same as it was when you left, except… this new teacher.

They seem to be a bit, well, you know, different.

It could be the x-ray vision, it might be the fact they’re flying around the classroom, we’re not quite sure, but it seems the facts speak for themselves…

Yes, your teacher is probably a superhero!

Of course, most teachers are superheroes in some way, whether it’s helping you learn boring maths in a fun way or perhaps by giving you cool handshakes when you get to class, but the superheroes we’re talking about are heroes with superpowers, such as lightening speed to time-travel ability.

So if you suspect your teacher might have some secret superpowers of their own, then you need to watch this video and learn to spot the signs that your teacher might be a superhero!