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The 12 Question It's a Wonderful Life Quiz!

How well do you know this Christmas classic? There's only one way to find out... answer these quiz questions!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 14th 2022

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According to George, what topping do explorers put on their ice cream?


What is George and Mary’s song?

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What does Sam Wainwright make?

It's a Wonderful Life | Liberty Films (II) | RKO | Frank Capra

Which character loses $8,000?


What does A-S-2 stand for?


How does Clarence like his mulled wine?


The story of It's A Wonderful Life was based on a greetings card. True or false?

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What sound means that an angel has earned their wings?


Which character is an angel?


Bert is a florist. True or false?

It's a Wonderful Life | Liberty Films (II) | RKO | Frank Capra

When was the movie made?

It's a Wonderful Life | Liberty Films (II) | RKO | Frank Capra

Who's this?

EEEP! Not your favourite Christmas movie then? Never mind - plenty more quizzes where that one came from!

Could be worse - but could be better! Try a different Christmas movie quiz?

Nicely done! You definitely know a thing or two about It's A Wonderful Life! Can you beat this score on another quiz?

Nailed it! You must've seen this film at least 5 times! Great work!

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