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Meet Thingummyblob!

Read about Thingummyblob, the slime that evil couldn't tame!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
Thingummyblob is the slime that evil couldn't tame - from Beano

Name Thingummyblob
Age Slimety-slime
Best friends Simon, a young lad who only ever wanted an evil henchman. He got Thingummyblob instead
Worst enemy Carpets. They play havoc with Thingummy's underbits
Prized possession His friends
Motto "HUGGEEE!"
Super skill Being nice all the time
Family Only Simon
Address Evil Towers, Beanotown
Fact Thingummyblob is made entirely from slime. Simon got the recipe off YouTube but somehow managed to include one mysterious ingredient - possibly a bogey
You can read the story of Thingummyblob's creation here!