How Well Do You Know Jack Randall?

How much do you know about fearless animal expert Jack Randall? Take the quiz and find out!

Good luck!


Okay, easy one to start, animal fans - Jack's 30, so how old does that make him in dog years?

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Okay, next up - Wallace's flying frog is named after which naturalist?


Right, when Jack was 14, he was bitten by a Carpet Python! Don't worry, it wasn't venomous but here's the question - what language does the word 'carpet' come from?

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Next question! The Golden lancehead is a pit viper most commonly found off the coast of which country?


Jack was bitten (again!) by an anaconda in southern Venezuela. But what's the capital city of that country?

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How are you feeling TODAY?  Which ONE emoji would you choose to describe that?

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What is the scientific name for a Monocled cobra?


Jack's pretty brave when it comes to extreme animals but there's one creaure he is a little scared of. What do you think it is?


When Jack was a kid, what did he visit Australia to do?


Jack's a big fan of snakes, but which of the following snakes does not exist?

Image by Dianne Buswell | YouTube

Jack helped dancer Dianne Buswell introduce a blue-tongued skink to her boyfriend Joe Sugg. What's the animal's name?

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