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How Well Do You Know Jack Randall?

How much do you know about fearless animal expert Jack Randall? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Good luck!


Okay, easy one to start, animal fans - Jack's 30, so how old does that make him in dog years?

2/10 Wallace's flying frog or the Abah River flying frog

Okay, next up - Wallace's flying frog is named after which naturalist?

3/10 Carpet and snake

Right, when Jack was 14, he was bitten by a Carpet Python! Don't worry, it wasn't venomous but here's the question - what language does the word 'carpet' come from?

4/10 Golden lancehead

Next question! The Golden lancehead is a pit viper most commonly found off the coast of which country?

5/10 A snake slithering on a Venezuelan flag

Jack was bitten (again!) by an anaconda in southern Venezuela. But what's the capital city of that country?

6/10 Monocled cobra

What is the scientific name for a Monocled cobra?


Jack's pretty brave when it comes to extreme animals but there's one creaure he is a little scared of. What do you think it is?


When Jack was a kid, what did he visit Australia to do?

9/10 A pink-headed reed snake

Jack's a big fan of snakes, but which of the following snakes does not exist?

10/10 Jack and Dianne Buswell
Dianne Buswell | YouTube

Jack helped dancer Dianne Buswell introduce a blue-tongued skink to her boyfriend Joe Sugg. What's the animal's name?

Oh dear | Instagram

Oh dear! Did the photographs of the creepy crawlies scare you? 

Good try
National Geographic | Painless Television

Good try! Why not spend some time brushing up on your animal trivia and have another go?

Great job
National Geographic | Painless Television

Great job! Some of these questions were pretty tricky but you did really well!

National Geographic | Painless Television

Wow! What an animal expert! You must actually be Jack Randall!