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15 Best Jacksepticeye Facts You Never Knew

Check out our 15 fun facts all about Youtuber and gamer and all round entrepreneur Jacksepticeye and his antics! How many of them did you already know?

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

How much do you know about Irish Youtuber and gamer Jacksepticeye? From his new business ventures to the odd place he used to live, check out these 15 best facts all about Seán McLoughlin, aka Jacksepticeye!

He's Irish

Jacksepticeye was born on 9th February in County Offaly in Ireland, where he also grew up. He's also lived in Athlone and Brighton, where he is now!

Derpy llama on Irish flag background

He has his own coffee company

Sean's obviously a big coffee fan, because in 2020, Sean released his own coffee brand, aptly named 'Top of the mornin'. Even better, he donated 10,000 meals to help combat world hunger with the first 10,000 orders. Well done Sean!

Coffee and coffee beans with cool cupcake and derpy panda

He's gamed with Ryan Reynolds

As a famous YouTuber, it's no surprised that JackSepticEye has rubbed shoulders with celebs, no less than Ryan Reynolds in this case! JackSepticEye played the Deadpool game with Reynolds to help celebrate the release of Deadpool 2. Well who else would you play Deadpool with?

Ryan Reynolds | Shutterstock

He comes from a big family

Jack is the youngest of 5 children and never intended to become a YouTuber - he actually did a degree in Hotel Management. Luckily, he started gaming and ended up somewhere totally different!

Lots of Guinea pigs and yellow splat

His name comes from an injury

Sean has had the name JackSepticEye even before he was gaming. 'Jack' was a childhood nickname, and the septic eye part comes from an injury during a football match! Now you know!

He's a drummer

Jack is a skilled drummer and used to play in a metalcore band called Raised to the Ground. They even released an EP in 2009! Maybe he'll release more music in the future? Watch this space!

Drummer and drumkit with screaming pineapple

He started posting videos in 2012

Sean actually joined YouTube way back in 2007, but didn't start uploading his gameplay videos until 2012. Since then, he's gone from strength to strength, at one point uploading two videos PER DAY! Wow, that's dedication!

Jacksepticeye screenshot

Jacksepticeye | YouTube

He has over 27 million subscribers

He went from 2.5k to 15k in just a few days after a mention in another YouTuber's videos, and now has over 27 million viewers! Wow! He his his first million in 2014, and it only took him two more years to get to 10 million!

Jacksepticeye screenshot

Jacksepticeye | YouTube

He's friends with lots of other YouTubers

Some of the other YouTubers JackSepticEye is associated with include Game Grumps, Egoraptor, Emma Blackery and Cr1TiKaL among many others.

Jacksepticeye screenshot

Jacksepticeye | YouTube

He's allergic to cats

JackSepticEye has admitted to being allergic to cats - however, since living with his girlfriend's cat, Big Boss (BB), he says he's been able to get over it! Hooray!

Cat sticking its tongue out on white background

He's done loads for charity

As well as donating to food programmes, Sean has also hosted lots of charity livestreams to raise money for various causes, using his huge platform to raise awareness for causes like Covid, Red Nose Day and mental health.

Jacksepticeye screenshot

Jacksepticeye | YouTube

He is worth over £10 million

Jacksepticeye has managed to make over £10 million from his channel since starting it way back in 2012, making him one of the wealthiest YouTubers. He's been featured in RTE's rich list as well as their '30 under 30'

Derpy dog face on money background

He used to live in a cabin

For a while, JackSepticEye lived in a wood cabin next to his parents house. However, Wifi and internet connections weren't great, which led him to move, as without the internet, he wouldn't be able to stream!

Log cabin in woods with arrow

He's had over 12 billion views

Sean's racked up a LOT of views since he started - over 12 billion to be precise, and he had already reached 1 billion by 2015!

Jacksepticeye screenshot

Jacksepticeye | YouTube

He once died his hair green

If you've seen JackSepticEye with green hair, you might have wondered what was behind this bold style choice. The answer? For charity! He told his followers that if they raised a certain amount for charity, he would dye his hair, and he kept his word! We think it looks great!

Jacksepticeye screenshot

Jacksepticeye | YouTube