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Can You Score 10/10 On This James Baldwin Quiz?

Test your knowledge of one of the legends of the civil rights movement with this literary quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 31st 2022

James Baldwin was an important person in the civil rights movement, and used his voice to tell the story of his life and the experiences of other black people. His work has had an influence on film, music, politics and more, and his ideas are still relevant today. Take this quiz and find out how much you know about this legend of Black History!


What is James Baldwin most famous for?


When was James born?


3/10 James was born in New York. Whereabouts is that on this map?


As well as inspiring the civil rights movement, James' work also inspired... what?


Finish the name of his first novel. "Go Tell It On The ___"

James Baldwin | Wikimedia Commons

During his lifetime, James was... what?


James spent a lot of time in which European city?

Wikimedia Commons

James was friends with which of these people?


Which of these was a book by James Baldwin?

James Baldwin | Wikimedia Commons

Despite being an outspoken black writer, some people in the civil rights movement didn't like him. Why not?

James Baldwin | Wikimedia Commons

Uh oh. This isn't a very good score... which is a shame because of how important James Baldwin's work was! This is a good excuse to read a bit more about this amazing man's life, and some of his books and essays. When you're ready, have another go - or try a different Black History Month quiz! We have plenty more to choose from!

James Baldwin | Wikimedia Commons

Not bad! You definitely know a thing or two about James, his life and his works of literature. Unfortunately you also got a fair few wrong... Don't worry though, this was quite a hard quiz! Can you get a better score the second time round? Have another go and find out!

James Baldwin | Wikimedia Commons

Yeah! You know loads about James - which is a great thing because he's such an important author and historical figure. Well done! You didn't quite get 100%, but never mind - this was a tricky quiz. Can you beat this score on a different Black History Month quiz? We have plenty more to try out!

James Baldwin | Wikimedia Commons

Amazing! Full marks! You know loads about James Baldwin! Great job - this quiz was pretty hard, too! He was a really important historical figure, so well done for swotting up on him! If you'd like to test your knowledge of any other figures in Black History, we have more interesting and inspiring quizzes and facts for you to try!