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James Charles Quiz

How much do you know about this epic Tik Tok and Youtube superstar? Take this quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
@jamescharles | instagram

What does James say at the start all his Youtube videos?

@James Charles | Youtube

James has done a mukbang video with Bretman Rock. What's a mukbang?

@James Charles | Youtube

Which of these people has NEVER appeared in one of James' videos?


Why did James insist on retaking all his school photos?

@superdeluxe | giphy

Here's a tricky one. James has more Tik Tok followers than he does Youtube subscribers. True or false?

@jamescharles | instagram

What's James' TV show called?


Which of these is James NOT famous for doing?

@jamescharles | youtube

James was the first ever boy to do WHAT?

@jamescharles | instagram

Which of these is NOT a video by James?

@jamescharles | instagram

Oh no! So you're not James biggest ever fan, then?

@jamescharles | instagram

Pretty good! You can do better though - try another quiz?

@jamescharles | instagram

Yeah! Nice work! Can you beat this score on another quiz?

@jamescharles | instagram

Amazing! High score over here!