Jane Seymour Quiz

How much do you know about Henry VIII's wives? Test your knowledge with this terrific Tudor quiz!


Jane Seymour was one of Henry VIII's wives. How do you say VIII in modern numbers?


What happened to Jane Seymour in the end?


Henry VIII had a lot of wives (6, to be exact). What number wife was Jane Seymour?


What do most historians think about Jane Seymour?


Why did Henry like Jane so much?

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Jane Seymour married Henry after his last wife, Ann Boleyn, had died. What happened to Anne Boleyn?


Which of these sentences about Jane Seymour is true?


Jane never had a proper coronation when she became queen, because the plague was so bad in London. True or false?

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In the musical Six, what song does Jane Seymour sing?


Henry married Jane only 11 days after he'd killed his last wife, Anne Boleyn. True or false?

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