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Japan Geography Quiz

The Olympic Games 2021 is coming to Japan! Great news for sports fans but how much do you actually know about the geography of this fascinating country?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 6th 2021

So if you're up to this Olympic challenge then enter our Japan Geography Quiz to see what Olympic medal your Japan Geography knowledge deserves. Are you a gold, silver or bronze medalist? On your marks, get set, GO!


1/12 Japan is hosting the 2021 Olympic Games! Which of these flags are you going to see flying EVERYWHERE?

2/12 Plaent Earth with a friendly face asks "where on Earth is Japan?"

What continent is Japan in?


What city in Japan is the host city of the 2021 Olympics?


How many main islands make up the country of Japan?


Complete this sentence: Japan is famous for the most northern species of...


What does a Japanese Macaque Monkey do to relax?


7/12 Olympic host city, Tokyo is in the Greater Tokyo area. It's the most populated mega-city in the world. What is it's estimated population?

8/12 Puzzled girl in front of zodiac signs

69% of Japan is covered in what?


Olympic host city, Tokyo is famous for what type of blossoming fruit tree?


How many active volcanoes are in Japan?


11/12 Which one of these cities is Tokyo?


What is the name of the mountain?

You have bronze medal knowledge of the geography of Japan! At least you got onto the podium though, shame you don't know the name of this type of Japanese monkey though.

You have a silver medal knowledge of the geography of Japan! Share the podium with this Japanese Snow Monkey