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Japan History Quiz!

Gearing up for the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics? How much do YOU know about Japan? Put your skills to the test with this epic history quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

In 2021, Tokyo is hosting the summer Olympic Games for the second time! But in what year did Japan last host?

2/12 Smiling Japanese mountain

How many islands in total does Japan have?


What does the term 'Samurai' literally mean?

4/12 Runners about to start a race

Tokyo was promoted to host the Olympics in 1940, but the games were cancelled. Why?

5/12 Still Japanese river at sunset

Who is the ceremonial head of state in Japan?


Japan records the most earthquakes in the world every year. True or false?


The worst earthquake occurred in 1923 - what was it called?


What was the name of the 40th emperor of Japan, who died in 686?


What came after the Jōmon Period in 300 B.C.?

10/12 Kid playing a video game

Japan has always led the world in video games. The world's first fighting game - Sega's 'Heavyweight Champ' was released in what year?

11/12 Man singing enthusiastically into a microphone

Karaoke originated in Japan. True or false?

12/12 Japanese river with pink blossom trees

What is 69% of Japan covered in?

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Pretty good! While not an absolutely PERFECT score, you're fairly in the know when it comes to Japanese history... a very respectable result, good job!


Amazing! You got a PERFECT score! You really know your Japanese history... and this was a particularly difficult quiz! We bow to your superior knowledge. An incredible result, well done!