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Grab Sumo This Amazing Japanese Culture Quiz!

Do you know your sushi from your shinkansen? Test your knowledge of this Asian nation with our epic country quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 25th 2022

A mere 10 questions will never be enough to do justice to this amazing country and it's long history. But it's a good place to start! So let's find out how much you really know about Japan and Japanese culture!

Let's go!


Where is Japan? Japan is...

2/10 A map of Japan

Which of these places is NOT is Japan?

3/10 Curry spices and hot peppers

What kind of food is Japan famous for?


What's a Shinkansen?


Where is this famous castle?

Please add image credits here

What are the two biggest religions in Japan?


What's the name of this famous mountain near Tokyo?

8/10 Food emoji quiz thumbnail

Which of these things ISN'T from Japan?


A traditional Japanese dish is Fugu, or pufferfish. What's special about this pufferfish?


What's a bonsai?

Oh dear! Never mind - this was a tricky quiz. Have another go and see if you can get a higher score this time! Otherwise, we have plenty of other country quizzes for you to try!

Pretty good! You have a decent knowledge of Japan! There are still a few gaps in your knowledge so might be agood idea to have another go and swot up on a few things, but overall - nice!

Great work! You have a real solid knowledge of Japan! This pufferfish is very pleased! There are juuuust a couple things you got wrong though, so maybe try a different country quiz now and see if you can get 10/10 on that?

AMAZING! 100% correct! This pufferfish is super impressed! Great work! Now, can you get another high score on a different country quiz?