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Jedi Unicorns

Deep in space, in an enchanted galaxy far far away, the Jedi unicorns awaken and shoot lightsabers out of their awesome heads!

Jedi Unicorns may look like they are just horses with lightsabers coming out of the top of their heads, but they are actually mighty protectors of the galaxy! They are super strong in the ways of the Force – way more than Obi-wan KeNOBODY or Luke SkyWHATEVER (maybe about equal to Leia though)!
Trained in the swamp paddocks of Neigh-gobah by Jedi Master Slothicorn (basically a more magical Yoda), they learn all the skills needed to defeat the unicorns who have turned to the dark-side – the SITHicorn!!
But can they blow up the Rainbow Death Star, destroy the Unicorn Empire and restore magic and dreams to the galaxy before it’s too late? Yes. Of course they can – as long as you BELIEVE!!

Gnome barfing up a rainbow