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Jeffo: Roblox Quiz For Mega Fans Only!

Think you know Jeffo? Then it's time to find out! Answer some questions in our ultimate Jeffo: Roblox quiz, and we'll tell you if you're his number one fan!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 1st 2022

Just how well do you know Jeffo: Roblox? There's only one way to know for sure - acing our ultimate Jeffo: Roblox quiz! Have a go and see how you do! And if you liked this, check out more Roblox quizzes here! Try this Ultimate Roblox Quiz, or find out if you can survive Roblox Cursed Islands!

1/10 Jeffo
Jeffo: Roblox |YouTube

What's his real name?

2/10 Jeffo playing Roblox
Jeffo: Roblox |YouTube

What was he going to be before he became a YouTuber?

3/10 Jeffo mucking around
Jeffo: Roblox |YouTube

Apart from Roblox, what other game does he often talk about?

4/10 Stressed businessman and question marks

Why did he start making content?

5/10 Jeffo eating something
Jeffo: Roblox |YouTube

True or false: it's his full time job?

6/10 Beano bear and dinosaur on red and yellow background

What does he often dress up as?

7/10 Map with Beano sloth and splat

Where does he live?

8/10 Jeffo in Roblox
Roblox | Roblox corp.

What colour is his hair?

9/10 Jeffo cartoon
Jeffo: Roblox |YouTube

Which of these is one of his IRL challenges?

10/10 Jeffo
Jeffo: Roblox |YouTube

How many channels does he have?

Lowest result

Nooo! You didn't get any questions about Jeffo right! Never mind, you can always have another go and see if you can do better!

Try again result
Roblox | Roblox Corp.

You'll have to do better than that if you want to be Jeffo's ultimate fan! Try again and see if you can do better!

Well done result
Jeffo: Roblox |YouTube

Good work, it's obvious you're a big fan of Jeffo and everything he does! But can you get full marks next time? Let's find out!

Amazing result
Jeffo: Roblox |YouTube

Incredible! You truly are Jeffo's number one fan! Go and watch some more of his content as a reward for your excellent quizzing!