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The Ultimate Jentzen Ramirez Quiz!

How much do you know about YouTuber and actor Jentzen Ramirez? Test your trivia now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 28th 2021

American teenager Jentzen Ramirez has acted, built a huge YouTube career and is a popular TikTokker too! How much do you know about him? Answer these 12 questions and see how many you can get right!

1/12 A dog dressed as a pirate

Jentzen was born in 2006. Which Pirates of the Caribbean film was released that year?

2/12 Jentzen feeding an animal
@jentzenramirez | Instagram

On his YouTube channel, what does he say he loves to do?

3/12 Jentzen Ramirez in a YouTube episode
Jentzen Ramirez | YouTube

Which of the following is a real YouTube video title?

4/12 Jentzen in a YouTube prank video
Jentzen Ramirez | YouTube

What's his most popular Youtube video?

5/12 Jentzen and his YouTube friends
@jentzenramirez | Instagram

Jentzen is part of a famous YouTube gang. What are they called?

6/12 R2-D2 and the Emperor

What is the connection between Jentzen and Star Wars?

7/12 A karate enthusiast

Jentzen is a black belt martial artist. True or false?

8/12 A woman eating popcorn at the cinema

His sister Liana Ramirez is an actor too. Which of the following films has she appeared in?

9/12 A map of the USA

In which American state was Jentzen born?

10/12 A Chewbacca lookalike and a mirror ball which looks like the Death Star

Which character did he play in the short film, Star Wars: Generations?

11/12 Jentzen and Elliana
@ellianawalmsley_ | Instagram

He started dating Dance Moms star Elliana Walmsley. In which season did she join the elite team?

12/12 Jentzen flying through the air
@jentzenramirez | Instagram

On his TikTok profile, how does he describe his Instagram account?

Oh no
@jentzenramirez | Instagram

Oh no! Better luck next time!

Good try
@jentzenramirez | Instagram

Good try! Why not have another go soon?

Great work
@jentzenramirez | Instagram

Great work! You're something of a Jentzen Ramirez fan, aren't you?

@jentzenramirez | Instagram

Wow! Consider yourself a Jentzen Ramirez superfan!