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Can You Beat Our Brill Jill Scott Quiz?

Jill Scott is brilliant, and simply one of the most inspiring people in the world - but how well do you know her?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 16th 2022

From her incredible football career to her stunning victory on I’m a Celebrity, everyone loves Jill Scott! What’s not to love after all? She’s one of the most experienced players in English football and was a part of the England team that changed the world for women and girls around the world! But if you think you’re a Jill Scott super fan then it’s time to prove it, and the place to do that is right here! Let’s go!


Where is Jill from?

England | Official Website

What is Jill Scott’s nickname?

England | Official Website

What TV show competition did she win?


What football championship did she win before she retired?


Which decade was she born?

England | Official Website

What honour did Queen Elizabeth give her?


Apart from football, what sport was Jill good at when she was younger?


How old was Jill when she retired?

England | Official Website

How old was she when she first played for England?


What is her favourite type of coffee?

England | Official Website

Uh oh! Not quite the best result here, but that’s ok, Jill never gave up so neither should you! Take a deep ol’ breathe, calm those nerves and let’s get back into it! We know you can do better with a bit of practice! Do it for Jill!

England | Official Website

Alright! Now we’re really getting somewhere! You’ve clearly done a little bit of research on Jill and it shows, but there is still work to do so why not have another go and see if you can do better, Jill didn’t just wake up one day and be the incredible person she is today - she had to work at it - so let’s keep going!

England | Official Website

Epic! Great score, you’re up there with the Jill Scott experts of the world, well done, you’re in a select group of people - excellent work! But we think that you can get 100% on this quiz so why not have another go? Let’s push it just a little bit further, dig deep and let’s go for full marks - you can do it!

England | Official Website

Incredible! Are you secretly Jill doing this quiz? You know everything there is to know about her and that’s pretty impressive! Give yourself a pat on the back, you’ve aced this quiz, well done! You didn’t give up and you kept going, and that’s how amazing things happen, just ask Jill! Great work!