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BTS: Jin Quiz*

Jin is one of, if not, the single coolest member of BTS, but can you score 100% on this quiz?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 17th 2022

BTS are giants in the world of music, never mind K-Pop! All of their members are super talented singers and songwriters, but Jin is right up there with the best. Why not dust of those quizzy fingers of yours and try your luck at this quiz all about Jin? Let’s go!


What band was Jin part of?

Jin | Instagram

Where is Jin from?

Jin | Instagram

What year was he born?


What did he originally want to be when he grew up?

Jin | Instagram

Jin’s favourite number is 4, but what is 4 x 12?


What is his favourite animal?

Jin | Instagram

Finish the title of his 2021 solo single, “Super______”


What instrument does Jin play the most?

Jin | Instagram

What was the name of his Mukbang show?


What does he do when he’s hungry?

Jin | Instagram

Uh oh, not quite. Maybe it’s time to go back to BTS school, wait, does that place exist? We hope so! So, this hasn’t been your best result, but that’s ok, you can always try again? Or maybe check out one of our other quizzes?

Jin | Instagram

Nice, now we’re on the right track, it’s knowledge like this that got BTS and Jin to become household names in Korea and beyond! Keep at it, and why not have another go and see if you can move up the leader board?!

Jin | Instagram

Epic, well done - now this is a very impressive result! Not quite 100% but you’re definitely on the right track! Your knowledge of Jin is pretty up there! Why not take a few deep breaths and try again, we’re sure you’ve got it in you to hit those high notes and take home full marks! 할 수 있어!!!

Jin | Instagram

Amazing! We’re astounded, so impressed that we’ve run out of adjectives! With an understanding of Jin as deep as yours you’ll go a long way in the world of quizzing! Give yourself a pat on the back, and prepare for the next quiz! Why not check out some of the others and see if you can ace them too!