John Cena: How Well Do You Know Yourself?

We reckon only John Cena himself can get a perfect score on this quiz! How many can you answer correctly?

Test your John Cena trivia now!

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Who was John Cena's first WWE opponent?

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John Cena played the lead role in the 2006 movie The Marine. What was his character's name?

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John Cena's entrance theme, The Time Is Now, was released as a single in 2005. Fill in the missing lyrics: 'I'm stormin' on you chumps like ______ and ______'

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John Cena was born on April 23, 1977. How old would he be on Mars?

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Who did John Cena defeat at Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq as part of the first WWE Tribute to the Troops in 2003?

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He attended Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. Which sport was invented there in 1891?

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Staying with the birthday theme, which of the following people was NOT born on April 23?

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Which of these have you been using in the past week to “see” your friends?

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John Cena plays a firefighter in Playing With Fire alongside a dog called Gnasher. Which breed are known as 'firehouse dogs'?

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Which of the following Presidents of the United States of America were not called John?

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How many days has John Cena spent as a WWE Champion?

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John is a fan of Tottenham Hotspur. What is the name of their new ground which opened this year?

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John has learned to play the piano. How many keys are on a grand piano?

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John has found time to learn Mandarin Chinese. What percentage of the world speak this difficult language?

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John is now the host of the show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, but what was the show called in the UK?

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