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Animal Mind Reader Johnny Caravan Meets the Dog That Can’t Stop Sniffing Butts!

Johnny Caravan is back and he means business, if business means animal mind reading! Today he's diving into the mind of a dog... what will he find?!

Do you want to know what an animal is thinking? Well, you need to ask the weird and mesmerising Johnny Caravan – animal mind reader extraordinaire!

That’s right, Johnny Caravan is back again and he’s ready to read the mind of another animal! This time, it’s a dog whose owner Steve asked Johnny to read his dog’s mind. The only thing is, the dog has a few issues with sniffing his butt… and also the butts of other dogs – and it turns out he smells really bad! 

Johnny needs to travel into the dog’s mind to find out what’s wrong but the question is, will Johnny be able to escape the dog’s mind at the end of the mind reading or will he be stuck there forever?!

Watch the video now!