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Johnny Caravan meets Dr Stevenson the Psychic Sheep!

What will happen when Johnny and his arch enemy battle it out on the astral plain?

Just when you thought you’d never know what your pet gerbil was thinking again – Johnny Caravan, Animal Mind Reader has returned!

That’s right, the world’s most famous thought doctor is back (following his fright night with a rather peckish vampire bat) and this time, things are getting serious – because now Johnny comes face to face with his arch enemy, Dr Stevenson and Dr Stevenson is a sheep. A very badly-behaved psychic sheep.

So what will happen when Johnny and Dr Stevenson meet to battle it out on the astral plane? Will Johnny be overpowered by the Dr’s new abilities or will they agree to settle their differences with a nice trip to the cinema?

There’s only one way to find out – check out the video now!

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