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Jordan and Perri From Diversity Take the ‘How Cool Are You’ Quiz!

Emma challenges Jordan and Perri from Diversity to find out who is the coolest with her completely made-up 'How Cool Are You' quiz!

Emma completely made-up a ‘How Cool Are You’ quiz and then tested Jordan and Perri. 

She asked them if they like watermelon, what they thought of the Great British Bake Off and if they played Fortnite.

Emma got to meet the boys at Nickelodeon’s Slimefest and had a great time chatting! Will she think they’re cool? Who will Emma think is the coolest?!

If you had to make up a quiz to test how cool someone is, which questions would you include? Check out the video and see how well Jordan and Perri do in Emma’s completely made-up, pointless quiz!

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