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Jordan Matter Quiz: Can You Get 100 Percent?

Think you know everything there is to know about Jordan Matter? Put your dancing shoes on and test yourself with this toe-tapping trivia quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  June 2nd 2022

He's an absolutely huge name on Youtube and TikTok - and if you know anything about dancing or photography you've probably seen his videos! But are you a Jordan Matter megafan? You'll have to be to get full marks on this epic quiz! Ready? Let's get quizzing!


Which of these things is Jordan famous for?

@jordanmatter | instagram

Who are these kids he's handcuffed to?


What is his famous book called?

@charlidamelio | instagram

Jordan has worked with Charli D'Amelio. True or false?


Where is Jordan from?

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6/10 If you answered New York - you were right? Now - where is New York?

@jordanmatter | instagram

Jordan is...

@jordanmatter | instagram

Jordan likes all kinds of photography, but started off doing... what?

@jordanmatter | Youtube

Guess the name of this video from his Youtube channel:

10/10 Chess jokes

Which of these sports is Jordan good at?

@jordanmatter | instagram

Eeeep! Are you sure you've heard of Jordan Matter? Better have another go and see if you can get a higher score. Quick - just look how moody he is!

@jordanmatter | instagram

Pretty good! This score could be a LOT worse! You still have some way to go to prove you're Jordan's biggest fan though - have another go and see if you can get full marks? Otherwise we have plenty of other great Youtuber quizzes for you to try!

@jordanmatter | instagram

Great work! You're definitely a big fan of Jordan Matter! Well done - you ALMOST got full marks! Do you know where you went wrong? Try another quz and see if you can get 100%!

@jordanmatter | instagram

Wahoo! Full marks! You know LOADS about Jordan Matter! Great work! Now, can you get full marks on another Youtber quiz?