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Can You Pass This Junior Taskmaster Trivia Quiz?

Are you a fan of this ridiculous TV show? If you like solving outrageous tasks you can start with this Junior Taskmaster trivia quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 17th 2024

It might just be the greatest gameshow on TV - but are Junior Taskmaster's kid contestants just as smart and funny as the adult comedians they have on the grownup show? Test your knowledge of this hilarious TV show with our epic Taskmaster trivia quiz!

1/10 A mysterious red chair

Who is the Taskmaster?

Taskmaster | Dave | Avalon TV

And who is this guy with the moustache?

3/10 A laughing pot of tea

And what does he do in Junior Taskmaster?

4/10 Kids and a llama in a classroom

How old are the kids on the show?

Taskmaster | Dave | Avalon TV

What kinds of tasks do the contestants have to pass?

6/10 A giraffe eyeing up some cake

Which other well-known show has a Junior version?

Taskmaster | Dave | Avalon TV

Junior Taskmaster will be shown on... what?


How are the letters sealed?

Taskmaster | Dave | Avalon TV

Greg Davies is NOT in Junior Taskmaster. True or false?

10/10 A tennis ball wearing sunglasses

Junior Taskmaster proves that kids are... what?

Taskmaster | Dave | Avalon TV

Bah! Oh dear! This is not your best work! In fact, Rose looks pretty unimpressed! There's only one thing for it - you should go watch more of the show and then come back and try again! Better luck next time!

Taskmaster | Dave | Avalon TV

Pretty good! But could be better! You clearly know a few things about the show, but Rose doesn't seem too impressed. You should have another go at this quiz and see if you can score a bit higher next time! Good luck!

Taskmaster | Dave | Avalon TV

Great job! This is a really, really good score! You nailed this quiz - you very almost got full marks! Do you know where you went wrong? Do you think you can beat this almost-perfect score on a different TV trivia quiz? We have loads more to try!

Taskmaster | Dave | Avalon TV

Amazing! You know absolutely everything there is to know about Junior Taskmaster! Rose is very impressed. You can't beat this score, but can you match it on another tv trivia quiz? We have lots more for you to try!