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ULTIMATE KallMeKris Trivia Quiz!

Reckon you're Kris's biggest fan? Prove it with a high score in this fabulous trivia quiz! We know you can do it!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 6th 2024

Whether you're new to Kris's videos or you've been a fan forever, this trivia quiz will be a great way to find out exactly how much about her you know! See if you can get a perfect score - we believe in you! And if you're a fan of YouTuber quizzes, try some of our other ones! See how well you know Charlotte Dobre, Sam and Colby, or Danny Aarons!

KallMeKris |

What social media site made Kris famous?


What country is Kris from?


What's the name of her clothing line?


What year was Kris born?


What was Kris's job before she became a social media star?

KallMeKris |

What was her first job, at the age of 14?


Which band did Kris appear in a music video for?


True or false - Kris is the most followed TikTok creator in Canada?


Which of these Kris characters is a British cab driver?

KallMeKris |

Which popular show did Kris work on as a hairdresser?

Oops - looks like you might need to learn more about Kris! Don't worry, you can always come back and have another go!

Not bad - you like watching Kris, that's for sure! Why not try again and see if you can bring your score up?

Very good - you're a Kallmekris fan for sure! We reckon you can get a perfect score, though - why not have one more go and see?

Perfect - you might just be the biggest Kallmekris fan there is! Well done!