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Can You Ace This Katie Boulter Quiz?

Katie is a rising star of British tennis - but how well do you know her?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 7th 2024

She’s got a backhand to raise the room right off of Wimbledon - but do you think you’ve got the knowledge to keep up with her game? There’s only one way to find out, so let’s serve up a real ace and see if you can smash this quiz in straight sets! It’s up to you now!


What is Katie’s sport of choice?


Where is she from?


Before sports, what was her major hobby?


What is the bat-stick-thingy called in tennis?


How old was she when she started playing for her country?


Which hand does she favour?


She supports Leicester City football club, but what animal is on their badge?


When was the first Lawn Tennis championship held?


She was inspired to play by which famous player?


How old was Boulter when she won the Lemon Bowl in Rome?

Wow! So maybe tennis isn't your strong suit, but don't sweat it! Even top players like Boulter didn't become legends overnight. It takes dedication, persistence, and a whole lot of practice. So, just like her, keep pushing forward and one day you'll be acing these tennis trivia quizzes like a pro! Why not have another try and see if you can do better?

Not too shabby! You've definitely put in some effort to learn about Boulter, and it shows. With a bit more focus and practice, you could really up your game. So, take a breather, regroup, and let’s see if you can serve up even better results next time around. Keep at it - grandslams aren’t won in a day - oh wait - are they?

Impressive stuff! You've got a solid grip on Boulter's game, the results show that for sure! You know almost everything worth knowing about Katie! You're inching closer to the top spot on the leaderboard, so why not give it another shot? Channel your inner Boulter, give it your all, and aim for that perfect score. It's crunch time, but have you got what it takes to clinch victory! Get ready to serve, because it’s time to go for the win!

Boom! They said it couldn’t be done! They said that nobody but Katie knows all the answers to this quiz, but there you go - you’ve shown them all up! Your knowledge about Katie is off the charts! Are you sure you're not secretly Boulter herself? If you are, hey, get back on the court and keep on training - there are competitions to win! Great work though, so why not check out some of the other quizzes on the site and see if you can ace them too?