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Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift: We Finally Decide Which Pop Star is the Best!

Who do you think will win?

Taylor Swift or Katy Perry? Difficult choice for some! But who will win? 

Watch the video to find out!


Katy Perry is afraid of the dark. Which is all good and well as long as she never discovers NIGHT TIME!Taylor Swift is afraid of Sea Urchins. You know, those weird spiky sea conkers that hide on the bottom of the sea, waiting. Just waiting.Actually they are pretty scary, point to Swift!


When it comes to hair it seems Katy Perry has a style for every day of the week. She’s been long, short, purple, blue, pink, green… Basically, her hair has been the colour of ALL the vegetables! Her natural hair colour is actual squirrel brown.Taylor has remained pretty much the same throughout her career. Not that we’re complaining. When it comes to outfits Taylor Swift has always dazzled us!But it’s nothing in comparison to Katy Perry’s rainbow hair!Point to Perry! 


Taylor’s selfies has bagged her a whopping 106 million Swifties!On Instagram Katy Perry has only 68.9 million followers. Shocking…Which means: Let’s get Swiftie!


We all know Nugget and Olivia Benson. Olivia Benson is Taylor’s award chewing, upright sitting bag of adorable!But Nugget is Katy’s fluffy ball of cute, who’s even become an actor. He’s adorbs! Awwwww nugget.Point Perry.

Weird Facts

Taylor has a fish tank filled with baseballs in her living room. But it’s just for decoration, so maybe not that weird. Who knows, maybe the baseballs are filled with fish?Katy believes in Aliens and that the pyramids were built by them! What’s next? Robots doing back flips!Regardless, Perry steals it!

Final scores

So that makes it 3 – 2 to Katy Perry.Sting!But did the right woman win?

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