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Kids Vote Boris as Britain’s Biggest Halloween Nightmare

UK Prime Minister beats Stranger Things demogorgons to be named ‘ghastliest figure of 21st century’

What do you think will be the kids’ creepiest costume of choice this Halloween?

Stranger Things style demogorgons? Maybe a Fortnite character? Perhaps Batman nemisis The Joker?

Well actually, according to kids themselves, the ghastliest get-up this spooky season is Boris Johnson who, alongside his recent elevation to the seat of power, has just been named ‘ghastliest figure of 21st century’.

This makes the Brexit bogeyman THE Halloween costume of choice, which means trick or treaters across the country will be teaming with ghouls and guys decked out like the British PM .

So to give kids an idea of how they can bring a little Prime Ministerial pizzazz to their parties, we’ve chosen three of Boris’s most iconic looks to bring to life

Dare you dress as Bullingdon Boris? Scare your pals as Zipwire Boris? Or just look wheelie weird as Biking Boris? The choice is yours – and you don’t even have to cast a vote. How nice is that?