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Kindness Quiz - How Kind Really Are You?!

Kindness keeps the world happy and friendly, but how kind do you think you are?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 4th 2022

It’s both the little and the big things that really make a difference, from opening a door for a friend to making your bestie a cup of hot chocolate when they really need one. Kindness is everywhere and it’s all about thinking about others as well as yourself. So why not have a go at this kindness quiz and see how your choices stack up?!


A pigeon is trapped in the house, what do you do?


Your friend hasn’t got any lunch but you’ve got extra, what do you do?


Your friend has been grounded and can’t come out, what do you do?


A crab is caught in some old fishing gear, what do you do?


The nearest bin to you is full, what do you do?


A friend has missed the bus to school and is going to be late. What do you do?


Your friend has annoyed you but they don’t seem to have noticed, what do you do?


There are loads of snails on the pavement, what do you do?


You find your enemy crying, what do you do?

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You win the lottery, what do you do?

The Kindest!

Awesome, you’re the kindest person out there! All the choices you’ve made really set you apart from the meanies of the world. So stick with it, remember that we all rely on each other, and that we live in a big natural world full of animals and plants, and that sometimes everyone needs a bit of help! Thankfully, kindness creates more kindness so you’re well ahead with that one! Wonderful, you’re the best!

Super kind!

Nice! You’re clearly a very kind person, maybe there is a little bit of room for improvement, but life isn’t always black and white and sometimes the kind and right choice is difficult to see. One person's kindness might come across as something else, but so long as you’re living your life with the best intentions you’ll be okay! You don’t always have to be right, but the kinder you are to people and the world around you, the kind the world will be back to you!

Kinda kind!

Alright! It’s not always easy to see the kindest choice from a set of options, but remember it’s important to think how your actions impact on other people and the world around you, and that includes the natural world! Why not have another go and see if it might be worth rethinking some of your choices?

Uh Oh!

Okay! Some people might not think that the choices you’ve made are particularly nice. It’s true that sometime we have to make difficult choices in life, but remember that we’re all in this together and kind always pays off in the end. Why not have another go and see if it might be worth rethinking some of your choices?

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