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K-Pop Fan Culture Quiz - How Hallyu Are You?!

K-Pop fans are the best, they have some of the coolest clothes and they know it! But how well do you know K-Pop culture?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 8th 2023

K-Pop isn’t just about the music, there is so much more to the style than the brilliant music and the frankly iconic idols! It’s not a simple thing to put in a box but that's what K-Pop is all about! So let’s see how much you know about K-Pop style and culture! There’s only one way and one palace to find out, and that’s here! Let’s give it a go!

1/10 A K-pop Cat on a map of East Asia

Where is K-pop from?

2/10 An older Asian man thinking

What decade did modern K-pop start?

3/10 A dancing dog

What is most important in K-pop songs?

4/10 A monkey thinks

What is the name of K-Pop fashion?

5/10 Girls' Generation shown on an old TV set
Girls' Generation | YouTube

When was Girls’ Generation song ‘Gee’ released?

6/10 A monkey man dances Gangnam Style

What animal is in the video for PSY’s Gangnam style?

7/10 A woman thinks

What is another name for BTS?

8/10 A dog man plays guitar

What does Hallyu translate as?

9/10 An Asian woman thinks

Which language is rarest for K-pop stars to sing in?

10/10 A woman flanked by animals thinks about things

How many members are in BlackPink?

Uh oh! It looks like you’re a bit of a newbie to this whole K-Pop thing! But that’s ok. Nobody walks into an exam knowing EVERYTHING, you’ve got to start somewhere. So pull some extra layers on, get your favourite track playing and let’s have another go! You’ve got this!

Mamamoo | YouTube

Nice! Not a bad score! You know a thing or two about the world of K-Pop culture and it shows! You’ve clearly seen at least one BTS video - but do you think that you can do better? We think you can! So why not try again and see if you can get those amazing bragging rights of a K-Pop expert!?

EXO | YouTube

Awesome! You know almost everything that there is to know about the culture and wonder of the K-Pop lifestyle! We bet you’re the kind of person that always dresses in bold colours and accessories, that’s the spirit! What a great score, but do you think that you can do even better? You’re so close to getting full marks - why not have one last try?!

Incredible, you’ve scored full marks on this quiz, there’s nothing that slips past you! You know absolutely everything that’s worth knowing about K-Pop Culture, from the music to the fashion to the collabs, you’ve got all the knowledge! Well done, take a bow, you’ve earned it! Why not check out some of the other K-Pop quizzes we’ve got and see if you can beat them too? You’ve got this!