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K-pop Fashion Quiz: How Hallyu Are You?

K-Pop is one of the fastest growing cultures and aesthetics in the world! But how much do you know about it?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 2nd 2023

As well as the brilliant music of bands like BTS, they’ve also got an incredible sense of style - breaking down boundaries with their creative and classic costumes! Style is everything, ok, just after the music, but when you’re as big as some of these bands, you get to make some bold choices! So let’s get right into it and see how much you know about the fashion of K-Pop! What are you waiting for! Let’s go!

1/10 Mamamoo
Mamamoo | YouTube

Which of these colours is the most K-Pop?

2/10 An artistic dog

Colour blocking is important in K-Pop fashion, but what is it?

3/10 A fashionable dog

In Xiumin’s ‘Brand New Jacket’ what does it have on it?

4/10 A lady in a beret

What clothes do they wear at the Idol Athletic competition?

5/10 A woman in a purple and pink outfit

What is the name of K-Pop fashion?

6/10 A man surrounded by cheese

Do you need to spend lots of money on fashion?

7/10 A woman eating a lemon and balancing a slice on her head

Which of these items of clothes is out of place in a K-Pop outfit?

8/10 A silhouette of a man and a curious llama

What kind of silhouette is best for K-Pop styles?

9/10 A monkey surrounded by necklaces

Can you have too many accessories?!

10/10 A woman in a pink dress holding a smartphone

What colour is Jennie from Blackpink’s first outfit in the music video for ‘Pink Venom’?

Result: Uh oh
Mamamoo | YouTube

Uh oh! Okay, maybe this isn’t your best result, but that’s okay! You had a good go and that’s what counts, so why not have a scan back through some of K-Pop’s biggest stars and see if you can do a bit more research on their clothes? Once you’ve done that, get straight back here and smash this quiz! You can do it!

Result: Not bad
EXO | YouTube

Nice! Not bad at all, you’ve got an eye for fashion, but only one eye, is the other one closed? We think that you can do better, so why not have another go at this quiz and see if you can ace it?! After all, there’s no such thing as fashion straight off the shelf - you’ve got to work for it, a bit like these quizzes!

Result: High score
EXO | YouTube

Awesome! Well done! You know a lot about K-Pop fashion styles! From the big silhouettes to the bold colours, you’ve got it down! You’re really close to getting 100% on this quiz so why not give it one last go and see if you can beat it completely? Summon the spirit of BTS and let’s get full marks!

Result: Full marks
Mamamoo | YouTube

Incredible! You did it! You’re the true K-Pop fashion expert! You know everything that’s worth knowing about this incredibly popular and trendy fashion style! Give yourself a big old pat on the back and a congratulations, you’ve done what very very few people have ever done before! Well done, soak up the glory, and pose, pose like you’ve never posed before! Amazing!