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What's Your K-pop Idol Name?

Being a K-Pop idol is hard work, there is lots of training, auditioning and photography - but if you think you can handle it, why not try this quiz and see what your idol name would be?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  November 2nd 2022

Korean names all have meanings, and an idol's name says a lot about the kind of person they might be! You wouldn't want to be a K-Pop idol with a name like 'Stinky Feet' would you? Why not take this quiz and find out what your idol name would be?!


Which is your favourite type of food from this list?


Which mode of transport would you most like to take?


What would be your ideal holiday destination?


Which is your favourite type of paper?


You've got a free day, what do you do?


It's raining, but you need to go to vocal training, what do you do?


What is your favourite sport?


You're late for an audition, what do you do?


Which type of animal are you most like?


How would you light up your dream house?


This isn't a Korean name, but lots of idols take on non-Korean names! Suzi is short version of Susan, an old English name meaning Lily Flower. Nice!


Nae is actually a Japanese name meaning 'vegetables' or 'greens', which is fitting for a healthy potential idol like yourself! Cool!


Hye is an old Korean name which means 'bright' or 'intelligent' - just like you! You're destined to be the clever one in the next K-Pop mega group!


This is a beautiful old Korean name which means 'beautiful happiness' - what could be more fitting for you? Good luck with the auditions!