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The Ultimate Lauren Hemp Quiz!

Reckon you're the ultimate authority on England star Lauren Hemp? See if you can score a winning goal in this trivia quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 10th 2023

Lauren Hemp is one of the biggest stars on 2023's FIFA Women's World Cup England team! She's gone from playing footie in the garden with her sister to the international stage - but how well do you know her story? Real fans with have no problem acing this quiz! For more women's football, don't forget to try some of our other quizzes! Test your knowledge on the rest of the team - see how well you know Jordan Nobbs, Hannah Hampton and Leah Williamson!


What sport does Lauren play?


What country does Lauren play for?


Which English county is Lauren from?


Which is Lauren's preferred foot?


How old was Lauren when she joined Bristol City?


What is her sister's name?


What is her legacy number?


What year did Lauren make her senior England debut?


What position does Lauren play?


What is Lauren's current club?

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