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Leavers Hoodies Quiz – Which One Is Yours?

It's the best item of clothing you could ever hope to associate with school. Take the quiz and find out which garment belongs to you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
1/10 A person thinking of a hobby, perhaps

What do you like to do fill your spare time?

2/10 A school lunch

What's been your most memorable school meal?

3/10 A school report

Your school report would say...

4/10 A student tackles a tough homework assignment

What annoys you most about homework?

5/10 A smiling teacher

How would your teachers describe you?

6/10 A child sitting on a flying book

What has been your favourite subject?

7/10 A football fan cheering his team on from a comfy sofa

Who's your favourite football team?

8/10 A fancy pen

How would you describe your handwriting?


What gift will you buy for your teacher?

10/10 A happy frog

What's your favourite type of animal?


Your hoodie reads: CLASS COMEDIAN!

You spent most of the school year telling jokes and doing no work whatsoever!


Your hoodie reads: SPORTS CHAMP!

Your sporting skills have earned the school a load of shiny gold cups!


Your hoodie reads: COMPUTER NERD!

You spent most of the year fixing people's computers and mobile phones!


Your hoodie reads: TOTAL LEGEND!

The school is going to be a lot less awesome once you leave. Prepare to see your teacher look sad!