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Leavers Hoodies Quiz – Which One Is Yours?

It’s the best item of clothing you could ever hope to associate with school. Take the quiz and find out which garment belongs to you!

1/10 A person thinking of a hobby, perhaps

What do you like to do fill your spare time?

2/10 A school lunch

What's been your most memorable school meal?

3/10 A school report

Your school report would say…

4/10 A student tackles a tough homework assignment

What annoys you most about homework?

5/10 A smiling teacher

How would your teachers describe you?

6/10 A child sitting on a flying book

What has been your favourite subject?

7/10 A football fan cheering his team on from a comfy sofa

Who's your favourite football team?

8/10 A fancy pen

How would you describe your handwriting?


What gift will you buy for your teacher?

10/10 A happy frog

What's your favourite type of animal?


Your hoodie reads: CLASS COMEDIAN!

You spent most of the school year telling jokes and doing no work whatsoever!


Your hoodie reads: SPORTS CHAMP!

Your sporting skills have earned the school a load of shiny gold cups!


Your hoodie reads: COMPUTER NERD!

You spent most of the year fixing people's computers and mobile phones!


Your hoodie reads: TOTAL LEGEND!

The school is going to be a lot less awesome once you leave. Prepare to see your teacher look sad!

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