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The Ultimate Leonardo Dicaprio Quiz

How well do you know Hollywood Superstar and acting legend, Leonardo DiCaprio?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 25th 2022

Leonardo DiCaprio has been in a whole load of awesome movies including Romeo and Juliet, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Revenant, The Great Gatsby, and (of course) Titanic! How much do you know about this acting legend whose career has span decades of cinema history? If you don’t get win an Oscar, see which one of his movie endings you deserve! Once you’ve completed this quiz why not check out our 14 Question Christmas Movie Quotes Quiz! or our film buffs only Guess the Movie Title From the Synonym! quiz!

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What artist is Leonardo DiCaprio named after?

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2/10 What country was Leonardo DiCaprio born in?

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3/10 What city was Leonardo DiCaprio born in?


4/10 What is Leonardo DiCaprio’s second language?


What Shakespeare play did he bring to the movies?


Who starred as Rose in the DiCaprio mega-smash, Titanic?


How did Leonardo DiCaprio die in the film Titanic


8/10 What animal was Leonardo DiCaprio savaged by in his film The Revenant?


9/10 Which fruit features in the name of a Leonardo DiCaprio movie?


Leonardo DiCaprio is very concerned about…

Titanic | Paramount Pictures | Landau, Cameron | Cameron

Frozen in the Atlantic Ocean!

Romeo and Juliet | 20th Century Fox, Lurhmann | Pearce, Luhrmann | Luhrmann

You’re a tragic star crossed lover! Could be worse. You could have frozen in the Atlantic Ocean!

The Revenant | RatPac Enterprises, Regency Entertainment | Milchan, Golin, Iñárritu, Parent, Redmon, Skotchdopole | Iñárritu

Back from the dead after being savaged by a bear!

The Great Gatsby | Village Roadshow Pictures, A&E Television | Luhrmann, Knapman, Wick, Fisher, Martin | Lurhmann

You’ve won an Oscar for your performance in this quiz. Just like Leonardo DiCaprio… Awesome work!