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Epic Lewis Hamilton Quiz for F1 Fans

Just how much do you know about record breaking F1 legend Lewis Hamilton? It's time to find out once and for all with this ultimate Lewis Hamilton quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  August 8th 2022

Are you a world expert on Lewis Hamilton and his incredible racing career? We've put together this quiz all about Lewis and his achievements, and only true fans can get 100%!

1/10 Someone doing pottery with derpy panda

What is Lewis Hamilton known for?

2/10 Racing driver at wheel with egg and splats

What age was he when he asked the F1 boss to sign him?

3/10 Pineapple and banana on race track

When is his birthday?

4/10 Racing driver's helmet with splats and mouth
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Traditionally, what colour is his helmet?


5/10 What sort of car does he drive in F1?

6/10 Trophy with Beano face and cat paw

How many F1 wins has he had so far?

7/10 Pineapple singing into mic with splat

True or false: He's featured on a Christina Aguilera record?

8/10 Knight's hand and sword with arrow

When did he get knighted?

9/10 Bowl of salad with Beano frog and arrow

True or Flase: Lewis Hamilton is vegan?

10/10 Beano car on laser background

Which of these films has he been in?

Oh no result

Bad luck! Maybe you're thinking of Hamilton, the musical? Have another go and try and score higher!

Try again result

You know a little bit about Lewis' achievements, but you'll have to do better than that to call yourself a true fan! Try again!

Nice work result

Nice work! You know lots about Lewis and his cool career! But can you get 100% next time? Try the quiz again and find out!

Top result

Amazing! You're surely Lewis Hamilton's number 1 fan! No one knows as much as you about this racing star, because you got 100%! Incredible!