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Test Yourself With This Lewis Leigh TikTok Quiz!

Put your Tik-Tok knowledge to trhe test with this twinkle-toed Lewis Leigh quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 7th 2024

He's a cheeky chappie that is VERY good at dancing - but how much do you know about this wholesome Tik Toker? Where is he from? What is his nan's name? Take this quiz and let's find out!

Good luck - this quiz *might* be harder than it looks!

@LewisLeighh | Youtube

Where is Lewis Leigh from?


What kind of videos does Lewis make?

@LewisLeighh | Youtube

What is his Gran's name?

@LewisLeighh | Youtube

What's going on here?

@LewisLeighh | TikTok

Who is he dancing with here?


Which of these restaurant chains did Lewis used to work for?


Which HUGE American TV show was Lewis' videos featured on?

@LewisLeighh | TikTok

What's his dad called?

9/10 A close up of ballroom dancers' shoes

Both of his parents were dancers - true or false?


Which of these places has Lewis NEVER made a video from?

@LewisLeighh | Youtube

Bah! Tough break! Lewis has seen better scores than this - you should probably watch a few more of his videos and then come back to have another go at this quiz! Better luck next time!

@LewisLeighh | Youtube

Pretty good! You know your stuff! You didn't quite get a high score though - do you know where you went wrong? Take this quiz again and let's see if you can beat this score! Better luck next time!

@LewisLeighh | Youtube

Amazig! This is a really good score! You know loads about Lewis Leigh! Top work! You very almost got 10/10 - do you know where you went wrong? Let's see if you can beat this score on a different Tiktok quiz! We have lots more!

@LewisLeighh | Youtube

P-p-p-p-perect! Amazing! This is a 10/10 score! You know absolutely everything there is to knwo about Lewis Leigh! Well done! You can't beat this result, but you might be able to match it on a different Tiktok quiz. We have lots more where this one came from - are you up for to the challenge?