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Liam Payne Quiz!

How much do you know about this One Direction legend? Test your trivia now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 13th 2022

Are you a true Liam Payne fan? Let's find out!

1/10 Liam Payne on The X Factor
The X Factor | ITV

Liam first auditioned for The X Factor in 2008. How far did he get in the competition?

2/10 Phobia and a pineapple

Which household item does he apparently have a phobia of?


What's his middle name?

4/10 Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction perform on 'Good Morning America' in Central Park in New York City

Liam is older than Louis Tomlinson. True or false?

5/10 Liam Payne holding a sports foam finger

Which football team does Liam support?

6/10 Liam Payne
@liampayne | Instagram

If a copy of the Beano is 1cm high, how tall is Liam?

7/10 Liam and Pokekmon characters
@liampayne | Instagram | Nintendo, Creatures, Game Freak

What is Liam's favourite Pokémon from the Black and White series?

8/10 Star signs

What is Liam's star sign?

9/10 A childhood photo of Liam Payne
@liampayne | Instagram

Where was Liam born?

10/10 Liam Payne and some sort of toy giraffe
@liampayne | Instagram

What is Liam's son called?

Oh no
@liampayne | Instagram

Oh no! Better luck next time!

Good try
@liampayne | Instagram

Good try! Why not have another go?

Great work
@liampayne | Instagram

Great work! You know a fair bit about Liam Payne!

@liampayne | Instagram

Wow! You're a Liam Payne expert!