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Libraries Aloud: Can You Beat The Sound Barrier?

Get your pal or a grown up to make the sound effects in the World Book Day comic strip and mark the noises on the sound scale to see if you can break the Beano Sound Barrier with this supersonic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 27th 2022

Apart from free pizza and trips to the library, is there anything more fun than making your own sound effects while reading your favourite weekly comic? We can’t think of anything. Here’s a chance to put your sound skills to the test. To take part, you will need:

• A pal or grown up

• A Beano

• A smartphone or device

Get them to do each sound and you can judge how good and loud they are by rating them using the quiz answers below. At the the end, they’ll find out if they’ve broken the Beano sound barrier! Are you ready?

Let’s make some noise in the name of audio research!

1/12 Billy Whizz and the word scarper

Are you ready for the first sound. It’s SCARPER!

2/12 Dennis and the word ping
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Can you do a big PING!

3/12 Gnasher and the word fart

The next sound to make is… FART!

4/12 Pieface and the word parp

Let’s keep going. Can you do a huge PARP?

5/12 Teacher and the word crash


6/12 Bananaman and the word bash

Let’s try a satisfying BASH sound!

7/12 Harsha and the word splat

Summon the power of a tomato hitting the floor and make a big SPLAT noise!

8/12 Roger the Dodger and the word murmur

Can you make a MURMUR sound?

9/12 Minnie and the word pow

Give us an awesome POW sound next…

10/12 Dennis, Gnasher and the word wallop


11/12 Betty, Yeti and the word smash

Can you make a SMASH noise without breaking anything?

12/12 Gnasher and the word gnash

One final chance. Can you make a big GNASH sound like our four-legged hero?

You broke the sound barrier


Wow! Your quiz taker performed each sound perfectly as though they were a walking-talking human sound effects machine! And talk about volume! They were louder than a heavy metal concert performed by jet engines, which is very loud indeed. Well done!

You almost broke the sound barrier


Some fantastic sound effects by your quiz taker, we must say. Well formed sound effects, delivered with some ooomph! Excellent work, yet you missed out on a perfect score by a cat’s whisker!

So close but yet so far


Some good, loud efforts, but not loud enough, we’re sad to say. Your quiz taker did some passable sounds but not enough to wow the judging panel – you! The sound barrier remains untroubled today.



Your quiz taker’s efforts were too quiet and sounded nothing like the sounds which were required. At one point, we thought they were sneezing in a field about two miles away. Maybe have another go?