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15 Interesting Llama Facts You Never Knew

Here are 15 awesome fun facts all about llamas! Find out all about llamas and why we love them with these interesting facts!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 10th 2023

Llamas are the super lovable, goofy South American animals we all know and love! But how much do you really know about them? It's time to find out with these 15 fun facts all about llamas - find out where they live, who they're related to, and what their poop is used for! And if you liked these, check out more animal facts here! How about these cool capybara facts, if you're looking for more South American fauna? Or maybe you fancy some awesome red panda facts? We've even got these excellent elephant facts!

1. Llamas are from South America

Llamas are only found (wild) in countries in South America such as Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Colombia. They usually live in mountainous regions and have been there for a very long time!

2. They are part of the Camelids family

Llamas are part of a family called camelid, and as you may have guessed, camels also belong in this family, even though they live thousands of miles away! Other members of the family are alpacas, vicuñas, and guanacos.

3. They are two-toed

Llamas have quite funny looking feet - just like their other camelid cousins, they two big toes, each made up of a nail and a pad. This helps give them stability when they're out on rocky mountain surfaces.

4. They live about 20 years

Llamas don't live quite as long as their cousins the camels, who can live up to 50 years in captivity, but they can live to around 20, which isn't bad! Some can even live for up to 25 years, in the right conditions.

5. They have lovely eyelashes

Again, in a similar vein to the camel, llamas have beautiful long eyelashes, but not so they can enter beauty contests! The lashes help to keep dirt and dust out of their eyes as they trek through the countryside.

6. Their poop is very useful

Llama poop may be gross, but it's also very useful! It's been used as a fertiliser for thousands of years! The best part is that it has almost no smell, which makes it a lot more bearable to work with that some other animal poop out there! It can also be used as fuel!

7. A baby llama is called a cria

Aww, how cute! That's right, the correct term for a baby llama is a cria, from the Spanish word for 'baby'. Baby llamas spend about 12 whole months in the womb, and only one is ever born at a time. They then stay with their mum for around 12-18 months.

8. Their wool has lots of uses

Llama wool has been used for various different things for thousands of years, including clothing, textiles, blankets, nets, rope, decorations and more! It's a very versatile wool and it comes in lots of colours!

9. They are different from alpacas

Although they're easily confused, llamas and alpacas are different animals. The main differences are that llamas are much bigger (about twice the size usually) and have much longer, straighter ears than alpacas, who have shorter, pointier ears.

10. They might spit at you

Llamas don't bite, but they do spit! If a llama is feeling particularly threatened, or just doesn't really like the look of you, it will spit at you (or, more usually, another llama) or even kick. But don't worry; they don't do it often and are generally quite good tempered. Just don't make them mad!

11. They've been used by people for thousands of years

Llamas have been domesticated (used by humans) for a long time, and provide lots of services. They can carry things, their wool is very useful, and of course, they're have really handy poop! You can also eat one if you really want, and use the hide for making clothes and tents.

12. Llamas are very social

Llamas like to hang out together, and are usually found in herds. Sometimes the males will fight each other to assert dominance within the herd, but usually everyone gets on pretty well. They look out for predators and alert each other, and they also gather round when a baby is being born, to protect it from any animals that might attack.

13. They're pretty smart

Llamas are very clever, as herd animals go. They can learn to perform simple tasks and are pretty easy to train. Although they probably can't do your homework for you!

14. They're a big part of The Emperor's New Groove

The Emperor's New Groove | Walt Disney Pictures |
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution |
Mark Dindal | Randy Fullmer

If you want to see a film starring llamas, The Emperor's New Groove is the film to go to! Set in an ancient Incan society, it's the story of a selfish emperor who gets punished by accidentally being turned into a llamas! It's not super accurate (llamas can't talk) but it's a lot of fun!

15. Everybody loves llamas!

Llamas are everywhere! Cuddly toys, cartoons and artwork is filled with llamas, because they're great! They're goofy, funny characters who are easy to love - you've probably spotted plenty hanging around the Beano website! It's fair to say llamas are very popular, and we hope that never changes!