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Totally Tubular London Underground Quiz!

Mind the gaps in your knowledge - it’s quiz time!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 1st 2023

The London Underground is one of the oldest subway systems in the world! But how well do you know it? There’s only one way to find out and that’s right here, from the safety of your screen!


What year was the first London Underground line opened?


What is the nickname of the London Underground?


Which line goes round and round?


What colour is the Bakerloo Line?


Name this train station…


Are any of the Underground lines going through Green Park coloured Green?


What do you need to be careful of on the Underground?


What is the black coloured line called?


Which Red coloured line is the longest?


What happened to the London Underground during the Second World War?

Oh dear! It looks like you never even made it off the platform! So many trains went by and you didn’t even grab a single one! But that’s okay! The tube is a daunting place especially for a newcomer! But don’t worry, have another go and you might just get somewhere! Let’s go!

Alright! Now we’re getting somewhere! You’ve got a pretty good understanding of the tube system and it shows! Nice work! You certainly won’t be getting lost on the circle line anyway! But there is more to the tube than going round in rings - and we think that you could probably score higher! So why not have another try and see if you can do better?!

Nice! You’re a seasoned veteran of the London Underground and not much gets past you! You can hop off of the Jubilee and pretty much walk with your eyes closed to the next terminal - but you also know NEVER to do that, because you’re so much of an expert, you’re always aware of what's going on around you! Awesome!

Pow! You’re the true Tubular Teacher of noobs! When people get lost, you’re the first one up with the answer, sometimes the announcers on the platform even need to ask YOU what the next station is! Epic! You know which stations are closed before the staff do - you’re THAT good! Well done!