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All Aboard This London Underground Stations Quiz

Could you get from Tooting to Penge without looking at the map? Test yourself with this fiendish tube trivia quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 12th 2023

Think you know London? Well you'll need to know the big smoke inside out if you want to get full marks on this quiz! The next 10 uestions will test how well you know the lines that make up the London Underground network, and the tube stations underneath some of Britain's biggest landmarks!

Anyway let's stop hanging around and get on with it... mind the gap!

1/10 A person in a suit holding a scroll and a crown

What's the newest line called?


King's Cross... what?


What colour is the Jubilee line?


Oxford Circus is on the Central line. True or false?


Which of these lines does NOT go through Liverpool street?

6/10 The London Underground map laughing

Which of these is NOT a real London Underground station?


What line is Marylebone on?


Brixton is is zone 1. True or false?


What two lines is Leicester square on?


If you went north on the Victoria line two stops, starting at Victoria, where would you end up?

Bah! Are you not a Londoner after all? You should probably brush up on your tube map skills and have another go at this quiz. Otherwise you'll get lost next time you go to London! Better luck next time!

Nice - this score is not too shabby! Well done, although you did miss out on a few right answers. Do you know where you went wrong? Have anpther go and see if you can beat this score next time round! Or try one of our other fun London quizzes!

Top notch! This is a really great score, well done! You know loads about the London tube system! You very almost got 10/10 - do you know where you went wrong? Have a go on another quiz and see if you can beat this score!

Amazing! Are you Sadiq Khan? Because you know everything there is to know about the London Underground system! Great work - you can't beat this score! You might be able to match it on another fun geography quiz though! Give it a go!