Look at These Dogs' Haircuts!

These pups really know how to look good...

These pups like to stand out

The lengths some owners go to make sure they don't lose their dog in a crowded park!

A dog with dyed pink hair and Monsters Inc fur
Image by destiny_prowse | Instagram

They take part in competitions for best grooming

Can you imagine loads of dogs running around looking like this? Where's the next competition taking place?

This dog's hairstyle makes it look part-ram, part-wild cat
Image by nssspecialities | Instagram

There are some amazing ones

Do you think this dog's owner likes Pokémon? Maybe just a little bit?

We think the answer is yes!

A dog with a Pikachu style hair do
Image by redcarpetgrooming | Instagram

Like this robo-dog…

Is this dog sporting a cool hairstyle or is it really part robot?

The DAWG-9000 is programmed to fetch, roll over and shake hands. It also has one setting: good boy

A dog with its hair styled to look like a robot
Image by redcarpetgrooming | Instagram

The Incredible Hulk

You won't like this dog when its angry... who are we kidding? This pooch is adorable!

A dog with a passing resemblance to the Incredible Hulk
Image by redcarpetgrooming | Instagram

This dog is ready for Halloween

This dog has been made to look like Willy Wonka which must be frustrating as they're not allowed to eat chocolate.

Still, nice hat!

This dog is ready for Halloween – it looks like Willy Wonka
Image by cuddlycuts | Instagram

Is this a scruffy leopard?

If a leopard had been pulled backwards through a muddy hedge, then this dog has nailed the look!

A spaniel which has been styled to look like a leopard
Image by Pet-Plicity | Pinterest

What a lovely pink poodle!

With a bright neon pink look, you will never lose this dog during a nice country walk

A pink poodle
Image by TheDogist | Twitter

What beautiful ears you have!

This tiny pooch looks awesome with those turquoise ears – they look a little bit like Jared Leto when he played the Joker (although not as menacing)

A small dog with a punky hairstyle and turquoise ears
Image by redcarpetgrooming | Instagram

Check out this Chihuahua

We bet he's a complete Grinch at Christmas – so hide your presents, everyone!

This Chihuahua is a Grinch at Christmas
Image by redcarpetgrooming | Instagram

Oh look, a tiger!

That dog looks really grrrreat! 

This dog looks EXACTLY like a tiger
Image by thecathrified | Instagram

Fancy a ride on this pony?

Is this the greatest dog haircut of all time? We think it might be!

Not only has this dog's owners gone for a pony look, they've even created a saddle. Genius!

This dog could easily pass for a pony – it even has a saddle
Image by Sonny5ideUp | Twitter

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