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11 Charmingly Whimsical Luna Lovegood Facts

How much do you know about fan favourite Hogwarts oddball, Luna Lovegood? Here are 11 excellent facts to tell you more about Luna and her life!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  February 19th 2023

Luna Lovegood is one of our favourite Hogwarts students, and with good reason! She's kind, brave, loyal and a bit of an oddball, and we've got eleven interesting facts all about Luna, including her odd taste in jewellery, the meaning behind her name, and what she does after Hogwarts! And if you liked this, check out more Harry Potter facts here! How about learning all about Harry Potter movie mistakes? Or you could always test your Harry Potter knowledge with these quizzes! Find out which Hogwarts house you belong in, or which wand you should have!

1. Her Name Has An Interesting Meaning

'Luna' is a girls name which is Latin for 'moon'. It's also the name of the Roman goddess of the moon. The moon has long been associated with odd behaviour, so it's an appropriate name! 'Lovegood' is supposedly an indication of Luna's warm, loving attitude towards her friends.

2. She First Appears In The Fifth Book

Although she's one of the major characters in the Harry Potter universe, she doesn't actually properly appear until book 5, The Order of the Phoenix, where she meets Harry and the others on the Hogwarts express. JK Rowling has said that she had the idea for Luna long before then, but it's only when Harry starts hanging out with more non Gryffindors that she shows up.

3. She's A Ravenclaw

Luna is sorted into Ravenclaw house, which means that despite her apparent ditzyness, she's actually very smart. Ravenclaw house values people who think outside the box and are able to apply their mind to all kinds of subjects. She might not be book smart like Hermione, but Luna solves lots of Harry's problems (Like how to rescue Sirius) by using her odd way to thinking.

4. She Was Originally Called Something Else

JK Rowling has said that originally she was planning on calling the character 'Lily Moon'. In fact, the name 'Moon' appears in the first book as a name being sorted when Harry first arrives at Hogwarts, which means she would have also been in the same year as him. Over time her name changed, but she kept the 'moon theme' with her new name too.

5. She Has Some Weird Jewellery

Luna is well known for her unconventional behaviour, which includes her unique taste in jewellery. In the books she's described as wearing radish earrings, a necklace made from butterbeer corks, as well as her 'spectrespecs'. In the film, you can see her radish earrings on several occasions, and they're actually handmade by her actor, Evanna Lynch!

6. She Was A Quidditch Commentator (For A Bit)

Although it's not in the films, at one point Luna takes over from previous quidditch commentator Lee Jordan to comment on one of Harry's games. Unfortunately, she has a hard time focusing, and Professor McGonagall gets very frustrated with her, so we don't see her commentating again. Shame, we liked her unique take on things!

7. She Was Written As An 'Anti-Hermione'

JK Rowling wanted Luna to be a foil to Hermione - someone who wasn't very logical or practical, but still clever in her own way. She created Luna to show that just because you're different it doesn't mean you're not talented in your own way. Luna has loads of fans out there, so Rowling was obviously onto something!

8. She And Harry Have A Lot In Common

Although you could definitely say that Harry is a lot more sensible that Luna, they both have pretty similar childhoods - both were raised without their mothers, and both have seen death, which allows them to see threstrals. They also both feel like outsiders, Harry struggles as 'the chosen one' and Luna is teased for her weirdness. Like Harry, Luna is also brave, clever, and willing to do anything for the people she loves. This is part of why they make such good friends!

9. She Was Supposed To End Up With Neville

Yup, originally Luna was meant to marry Neville Longbottom! In the end, JK Rowling decided it would be a bit too neat and boring if they ended up together - she also had a hard time believing that Neville wouldn't find some of Luna's behaviour alarming! They both end up with much more suitable partners in the behind the scenes notes.

10. She's Played By Evanna Lynch

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Evanna Lynch was a massive fan of the Harry Potter series, and always saw herself in Luna. She was just 14 when she auditioned for the role, wearing the radish earrings she made herself! Like Luna, Evanna is a creative with a love of animals, although she doesn't live in a tower!

11. She Marries Into Newt Scamander's Family

In notes released on Pottermore and other websites after the series ended, JK Rowling revealed what happened to Luna Lovegood after she left school. Luna becomes a famous naturalist (someone who studies the natural world), discovering lots of new species of magical creature all over the world. She also marries Rolf Scamander, who is the grandson of Newt Scamander of Fantastic Beasts fame.