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Lional Llama's Magic Euro Predictor!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  July 10th 2021

Hello, I'm Lionel Llama and I have a magic knack for predicting the results of major football tournaments! All you have to do is tell me some things about yourself and I'll give you a 100% accurate and definitely true result - will it be England or Italy? The crystal ball will decide!

1/12 Football with face in goal net

Choose a position in football

2/12 Lemon with goofy face on white background

Choose a flavour

3/12 Woman running on yellow background with splats

Choose a sports superstar

4/12 Family on rollercoaster with screaming pineapple

Where would you like to go on holiday?

5/12 Goofy hamster in lavender field

Pick a scent

6/12 England fan on white background with yellow splat

Which team do you support?

7/12 Umbrella in rain with rubber duck

Choose some classic English weather

8/12 Lots of ice cream with ice cream cone with face

Choose a classic Italian dish

9/12 Referee cheetah in huge stadium

Choose a famous stadium

10/12 Egg with face on spoon on white background

Choose a weird sport

11/12 Olympics fans cheering

Are you excited for the Olympics?

12/12 Mars bar with goofy face on white background

Choose a sweet

England Result


It's coming home! Or, if you're not English, it's coming to a country near you! Yup, the three lions have it in the bag!

Italy Result


Mama Mia! Italy does it again! A rousing success for these Mediterranean boys! Molto bene!

Poland result

Polish team 1925

Look, I know this doesn't sound plausible, but there's going to be a rip in the space time continuum meaning that the Polish team from 1925 are going to win this years Euro! I said I could predict the future, I didn't say it would make any sense!