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Easy Magic Trick Hacks to Impress Your Friends!

Be the ultimate magician master with these awesome magic tricks!

Easy Magic Trick Hacks to Impress Your Friends!

Be the ultimate magician master with these awesome magic tricks!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Do you want to impress your friends and family with some seriously cool magic tricks?

Well look no further - we’ve got the best magic hacks ever!

If you’ve ever wanted to make things move with only the power of your mind, (who hasn’t!) this video shows you how you can!

They’re so good your friends will think you’re a real magician! Some of them aren’t even tricks, they’re just amazingly cool science hacks!

Can you master them? Will you be a wonderful wizard or a failed frog? Have a go and find out! ​

The Ice Cube Trick

Impress your mates by turning water into ice before their eyes!You will need...- A few bottles of water (bottled is best)- A freezer- Some iceHow to do it...Step 1: Put some bottles of water into the freezer for a couple of hours. Leave them until they are so cold that they're almost turning to ice. Step 2: Put out some ice in a bowl and then carefully get the cold water bottles out the freezer. Step 3: Slowly pour the very cold water onto the ice and let the magic happen before your eyes!

Pencil and Water Trick

This crazy cool science trick looks like magic! You can push pencils through a bag of water without it leaking! AMAZE!You will need...- A few sharpened pencils - A sandwich bag - Some water How to do it...Step 1: Fill up your sandwich bag with some water and fasten it shut.Step 2: Hold up the bag and quickly push the sharpened pencils through the bag filled with water!Step 3: Congratulate yourself on your magic skills because the bag won't leak! This is because the particles which the bag is made up of close up the new hole and stop the water leaking out! Cool eh? 

Sliced Banana Trick

This magic trick will leave all your friends confused! You'll make a banana sliced before anyone has peeled it! You're incredible!Ask a grown up to help you with this one!You will need...- A banana - A needle How to do it...Step 1: Get your banana and turn it flat onto one side. Use your needle to poke through the banana skin, being careful not to pierce through to the other side. Step 2: Once your needle is in, carefully move the needle from one side to another, slicing the banana into pieces. Do this in several places all the way down the banana. Step 3: Turn your banana over so you can't see any of the tiny holes and then give it to someone to peel. Watch their amazement as they open it to find it already peeled! MIND BLOWN!

Telekinesis Trick

Convince your friends that you have the power to move things with your mind with this awesome trick!You will need...- A large bottle which you can fit your hand around- Some water- A sauce sachet How to do it...Step 1: Fill your bottle up with water and place your sauce sachet into the bottle.Step 2: Pretend to really concentrate on the sauce sachet and move one of your hands up as if to direct it. With your other hand, gently squeeze the bottle at the same time. This will move the sauce up and look like you have super powers!Step 3: To move the sauce sachet down, do the same, but this time loosen your grip on the bottle!