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Make Dasher the Spider!

A handy video guide to making Dasher - the very cool spider that's free with this week's Beano comic

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  August 25th 2021

You will need

A Dasher kit from this week's Beano! (17 October, 2016)

Step 1

Pop out all the pieces from their packaging. Make sure you don't lose any.

Step 2

Start with the legs first. Add in all of the legs (D1 to D8) to the black body piece, like this...

Step 3

Once the legs are added, move on to the head. Take red curve pieces (A4) and slot them into the small red and black piece that's shaped like a letter 'W', so that it looks like the picture below. Then slot it into the front slot (A3) of the big body piece. Make sure the curved pieces have the thick parts pointed backwards, towards the slots marked with (C).

Step 4

First, add the small black piece (A2) and add it to the head. Take the black and red face (B1) and slide it over the pieces from the previous step...

Step 5

Attach Dasher's jaws through the slots below his eyes

Step 6

Construct Dasher's body by adding pieces to his spine as marked, starting with the biggest (C1) next to the head, and ending with the smallest (C8) at the back

Step 7

Now combine the legs and the body - take the base of the legs (A1) and carefully slide it into the remaining slot on the bottom of Dasher's body

Then it should look like this!

We grabbed some googly eyes for our Dasher, but you can decorate him any way you like