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Make Your Own Homework Excuse Generator!

A paper evasion for your education!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 24th 2017

Here's what it looks like in action...

First choose a word from a grey square, like LAZY. Open and close the fortune teller as shown for the number of letters in the word, so for LAZY, you'd do this 4 times. Then choose a word from the green triangle, like DOG and do the sameFinally, choose a shape, like the circle, and pull back the paper to complete your excuse. A LAZY DOG SHREDDED IT INTO BITE SIZE PIECES! Completely believable!  Make sure to get some help from an adult if you use scissors.

Fortune Teller 101

Making one of these from paper is really easy, you might even know how to make one already.Get a piece of paper and follow the instructions below to make a specially folded square.


Here's one we made earlier...

If you've followed the folds, you can now write onto your generator. The funniest homework excuse generators should have an adjective (describing word) for the outside squares, a noun (person, place, or thing) for the diagonal triangles, and the excuse written on the middle sections. Make your own, or you can print off our template!

Homework Excuse Generator

Find a friend, or test it on a teacher!

Our favourites from this are 'A magic monkey said I was already a genius' and 'A lazy alien sent it up to the moon'Don't forget, you can write anything you like!