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Make Your Own Popping Prankles Prank!

This snack will be a real surprise!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 5th 2017

You will need

- Tube of crisps- 2 plastic cups- Cardboard- 3 rubber bands- Tape- Scissors- 1 thumb tack- And some help from an adult!

Step 1

Pour out the crisps so you have an empty tube. Keep the foil and the plastic lid, as you'll need these later on. Save some of the crisps so that you have some spare ammo.

Step 2

Use the thumb tack to make a hole in the side of the tube. You'll need 2 of these holes, directly opposite each other.

Step 2.5

Widen the hole with the scissors and make it big enough so that you could poke a rubber band through it

Step 3

Trace the outline of the cup on a piece of cardboard and cut the circle out

Step 4

Tie 3 rubber bands together

Step 5

Place the rubber bands across the centre of your cardboard circle. Get some sticky tape and attach each side of the cup to the bottom of the cardboard circle.

Step 6

Balance the second cup on top of the first one, and then wrap tape around the centre to join them together

Step 7

Poke one rubber band through the hole that you made, and repeat on the other side

Step 8

Make a loop of tape to stop the rubber band being pulled back through

Step 8.5

Try to make the loop long and thin and then poke it through the rubber band to stick it down, like this...

Step 9

Load your cup with crisps ammo

Step 10

You may need to readjust your label so that it covers up the rubber bands at the top. It should look like this when you're done.

Give them a pop!

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