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Make Your Trainers Less Boring with Beano Drawings!

Watch as our resident drawing expert makes some plain white trainers into colourful Beano masterpieces!

Pick some plain trainers, white works best!

Use some fabric marker pens if you can

Decorate as many parts of the shoe as you can

Add fun laces to finish the job!

Imagine if you got given some plain white trainers that just weren’t your style. Well, that’s exactly what’s happened here with our Ed! But luckily enough he’s an absolute master at drawing and by the end of the video the new trainers look awesome! Ed uses some Sharpie pens specifically made for drawing on materials, but many strong marker pens will do the same trick. He makes sure that he uses all surfaces of the trainers too. Watch until the end to see what Emma thinks of his decorating job though, she’s not too happy!